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Rejuvenator Deluxe

Multi-adjustable cervical pillow

These specifications define the characteristics and prescribed usages for the Rejuvenator Deluxe -- a multi-adjustment cervical pillow. This information is not to be considered medical advice. Please consult your health care professional.

For all the uses, and benefits of the Rejuvenator Deluxe pillow see also the Makura Miracle Pillow, and FAQ

The additional benefits of the Rejuvenator Deluxe as compared to The Makura Miracle Pillow are the built in snap fasteners which allow the pillow to be configured into different shapes to meet certain needs.

While the Traditional size Makura pillow was determined by Chiropractors to be the optimum size for most peoples head and neck support, others need or want a larger pillow, especially if you are broad shouldered. The larger XL size Makura buckwheat hull pillow may not always provide you with the necessary neck support because the hulls may shift away from the neck, so a patented adjustable fastener system was developed to provide shape and position stability of the buckwheat hulls.
This system provides all the benefits of the Makura Miracle pillow while allowing a faster retraining of the normal cervical curve (cervical lordosis). Retraining of the cervical curve is a highly desirable goal in many people, because of years of sleeping on the wrong pillows along with other factors has straightened the neck of most people (hypolordosis). People with straightened or reversed curved (kyphosis) suffer from many symptoms of neck pain, low back pain, TMJ problems, headaches, even carpal tunnel syndrome is affected by the cervical curve. The restoration of the cervical curve of your youth can have a revitalizing effect on your life hence the name Rejuvenator Deluxe.

Customize for your own needs!

adjustable buckwheat hull pillow

In configuration #1 you leave all four snaps closed. This gives you the firmest, most stable support. This also allows for quickly retraining the neck into proper alignment. It is also useful if you have painful areas around your head such as TMJ or sensitive ears, as you can leave an air gap under them so as not to cause you discomfort.

wide neck support
narrow neck support

In Configuration #2 or #3 you would leave two snaps closed on either the wide side or the narrow side. This provides you with stable but gentle support. Use the narrow side if you have a shorter neck or want a little less tractioning effect. The wide side is if you have a longer neck and/ or desire a bit more gentle tractioning.

firm neck support

In configuration #4 you leave all snaps undone. This provides you with with full flexibility and the same support as the Makura XL. It is recommended when you no longer require the tractioning to retrain the cervical curve.

side sleeping support

Configuration #5 is with two end snaps closed and all the hulls in the rest of the pillow with the end portion folded under before you slide it into your pillow case. This configuration is recommended for side sleepers who need a little extra elevation of the head to keep the spine aligned straight. We do not recommend this position if you sleep on your back

Adjusting the snaps

When undoing any snaps, there are no concerns, just grasp both halves of the snap and pull them apart. When refastening snaps you need to avoid trapping buckwheat hulls in the socket side of the snap. That can make the spring weak and come apart during use of the pillow. The best way to avoid this is to lay the pillow out flat with the socket site on the top and the stud side on the bottom. The socket side is the larger one with the internal spring ring. The stud is the smaller one which goes into the socket. Then lift the socket side up through and past the hulls and engage it in the socket.

Washing the Rejuvenator Deluxe

Please see the FAQ for instructions on cleaning your pillow

The one disadvantage of the Rejuvenator Deluxe and large size pillow compared to the Traditional size Makura Miracle Pillow, is that it weighs almost twice as much (6 lbs. vs. 3-3/4 lbs.) so it is more difficult to travel with. If you do travel you will want to remember to take your pillow with you too. Many times we have been called by Makura and Rejuvenator Deluxe pillow users from some hotel somewhere where they realized they missed their buckwheat hull pillow and wanted us to ship them one right away by next day air. Also remember if you do travel with your pillow, don't forget it when you leave. We suggest you use a bright colored pillow case on it when you travel. Many users of the Rejuvenator Deluxe use the traditional size Makura to travel with because it is smaller and lighter.

Through years of users praising the wonderful results of buckwheat hull filled pillows, it is clear there is not a more beneficial substance around for pillow filling. The Rejuvenator Deluxe is the best buckwheat pillow available, therefore this is in our never-to-be-humble-opinion the absolute best pillow in the world.

The Rejuvenator Deluxe pillow is not inexpensive, but it is much less expensive than quality down filled pillows yet should last for many years longer than any other type of pillow. In fact it may be the last pillow you'll ever need to buy. After just a few years the Rejuvenator Deluxe will have paid for itself in savings of replacement pillow purchases.