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Quotes I slept really good and even better on that little pillow even though it was only 3 1/2 hour of sleep. Oh I love it. It is all worth it!! I bet my mom would also love it. I know she will laugh at this little pillow but it does all the miracles. The reason I got the first pillow then this was because I had tried ALL pillows from Linen 'n Things over the time, and I had returned them ALL each time after the sleep even with memory pillow, as none of them had worked for my stiff neck. I am slender and exercise regularly. I need "just the right pillow". Then my friend recommended me to it. Oh that was it!!! But I got the first pillow which was XL just to fit to our king size bed. It was great but I don't think it was just right as the cute little so-called "traditional" pillow. I can't wait to try the comfort pillow on the plane. I will again advertise your pillows to my friends. I have shared with them but haven't showed them. Will do next Quotes

Quotes Your pillows are the finest I've come across in the past ten years of using the buckwheat, which is why I came back to you! Keep up the good work, because you're saving my neck! Quotes
John Majhor