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Quotes I am a very pleased owner of one standard sized Makura Miracle Pillow since 1996. This pillow quickly became the only pillow that I will use to sleep and it is the envy of my friends. Anyone I allow to sleep on the pillow for just one night ends up wanting to own one of their own. There are many claims about how the pillow affects us medically, but I did not have a problem with my back, etc. when I purchased the pillow, so I cannot comment on improved health. The reasons I like the pillow are as follows: 1. The support for my neck is incredible. I used to pile several pillows to sleep on, and sometimes ended up with a very sore neck. Now I just create a little dent in the center of the pillow, put my head in the dent and pull the rest of the pillow in around my head to support the areas I require. 2. I was always buying pillows, looking for the most comfortable, often spending quite a bit of money. I haven't shopped for a pillow since. Quotes
Victoria P

Quotes To Gary, Great pillows! Quotes
Love, Jane Seymour
Actress, bedding designer

Quotes I have had my 20 x 26 Makura pillow for over 30 years! I have decided it might be time to get a new one for my new house, so what do I do but buy another one from the same company without even looking at others. ...why mess with perfection ! Quotes
Renee Lajoie
30 years of happiness!

Quotes Your pillow is THE KIND! I am a truck driver and have been having bad neck pain for months. It's better after the first night and getting better. Thank you for getting it to me so fast. Quotes
Patrick N.
The Kind

Quotes 8-10 years ago, I bought a no-name buckwheat pillow from the remainder table in a linen store. Never had heard of that kind of pillow before, but fell in love with it. Fabulously comfortable. A few years later, it was damaged and became unserviceable. Where to find a replacement? I didn't even know what it was actually called but finally found Makura on the Internet. Sleepwise, it was like coming home again. What a relief! I find that regular pillows are just junk: too soft or too hard and ultimately uncomfortable. This pillow of yours is a great product. Quotes
John Niendorff
Happy customer

Quotes Good morning I have had your pillow for more then 10 yrs and it's the most amazing thing I've tried. Quotes

Quotes Purchased my first pillow 5 years ago from my Chiropractor. I didn't think I'd ever get attached to a pillow, but I did. I left my first buckwheat pillow in a motel room while on vacation, couldn't wait to get another one. I was miserable without it. Quotes
J.E. (Pacifica CA)
Attached to my pillow!

Quotes This is the third time I've purchased your pillows in the last 20 years. I have to admit, recently I tried another buckwheat pillow company who had free shipping. You get what you pay for. I had to return it because it had a strange odor coming from it. So, I just ordered two more pillows from you and gladly paid for shipping! Quotes

Quotes Hey Gary: I have had your regular pillow for about a year and enjoy a good sleep. One day I stretched a little too far and my shoulder began to hurt. Now, I can sleep on either shoulder as I have healed. It is all because of you. May your blessings out weight your burdens. jjw Quotes

Quotes Just wanted to let you know this is the best pillow I've ever had. Finally my neck doesn't hurt every morning. Thanks! Quotes
Sally Henderson