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The Company.

Originally founded in 1984 as Makura Corp. with a small group including myself Gary Lang, my father, a Chiropractor and a couple others who discovered this amazing pillow over in Japan and brought to the United States to manufacture them here.

I used to suffer severe neck pain, then after a few short weeks of using this pillow and the pain has never returned in over 30 years!

My father and I formed a new company The Lang Company Makura Div. in 1986 to specialize in the health care professional and consumer markets. In the late 90's we ran TV infomercials and introduced the pillow to millions.

After my father passed in 2003, I have been operating Gary Lang Co. / Makura Miracle Pillows selling the original and genuine Makura Miracle Pillow (tm)

Tell your friends about us, we survive on Word-of-Mouth referrals. Thank you.

The Product.

The word Makura is the Japanese word for pillow, so it cannot be trademarked, and over the years, many companies have copied our pillow. Some call them a sobakawa, or sobagara or use the word makura in their name. But they are all copy-cats of differing quality levels. Many use imported hulls which may require fumigation upon entry into the U.S. We use only U.S. grown organic buckwheat hulls. We are the only ones using our in-house developed buckwheat hull cleaning process which removes dust, buckwheat flour, and any broken specks of hulls giving you a top quality product backed by our full satisfaction guarantee.

Our pillows were evaluated by a team of 35 top Chiropractors led by a World renowned Chiropractor and trainer. Our pillows are optimized to benefit users health.

The Rejuvenator Deluxe is a patented modification of the Makura XL, to provide more targeted neck pain relief.

Don't settle for other brands just because they may be a little cheaper, their pillows are often made overseas with hulls that are chemically treated with fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and other contaminants. Our original Makura Miracle Pillows last for many years and provide an excellent long term value.